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Activate Your Soul's Channel In Vishnu's Exclusive 3-Day Soul Activation Course

You're About To...

Release restrictive mental programming and negative energy from the past

Activate Your Soul Channel to communicate with your Higher Self

Connect with your Higher Self and discover the vastness of your own being

Open the door to your Soul-aligned reality filled with deep connection, abundance and joy

What To Expect...

Your Higher Self holds the wisdom and mastery from all lifetimes and you're about to access this wisdom to build a deeper connection to the life your Soul came here to live.

Vishnu will share techniques to unlock your Soul's healing power and explore how to open the channel to your Higher Self.

Once your channel has been opened Vishnu will guide you through a sacred multidimensional practice to shift your consciousness into a Soul-aligned reality.

Hosted By
Vishnu Narayana

Founder of the Heart Light Healing Method and the New Earth Academy

Vishnu has channeled a practical path for the modern spiritual seeker to achieve self-realization and anchor Cosmic Consciousness on Earth.

Vishnu teaches his students how to heal the core of their suffering, connect with their Higher Self and return to the pure Divine awareness they truly are.

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5-Day Soul Activation Course

With Vishnu Narayana




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