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Work Closely With
Vishnu Narayana
To Become Your Own Healer
And Anchor Divine Consciousness On Earth

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Ready To Heal The Core Of Your Suffering And Uplift Life On Earth? 

Meet Vishnu Narayana

Founder of the Heart Light Healing Method and the New Earth Academy

Vishnu has channeled a practical path for the modern spiritual seeker to achieve self-realization and anchor Divine Consciousness on Earth.

He works closely with those who are ready to devote their life to healing themselves and uplifting others.

teaches his students how to heal the core of their suffering and return to the pure Divine awareness they truly are.


Welcome To
Vishnu Narayana's


The New Earth Academy jump-starts your healing and accelerates your spiritual transformation so you can step fully into living as the light of your Soul

You will be trained to anchor Divine Consciousness on Earth and help others on their healing journey


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Know your Soul chose to be here for a purpose but don't know how to fully step into this purpose

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Suffer from childhood trauma and deep emotional wounds and are ready to heal the core of your suffering

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Feel alone, lost and confused on your spiritual journey and yearn for your Soul family and community


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Become your own Healer and learn how to overcome emotional wounds in just a few weeks even if you’ve carried these wounds with you your entire life

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Learn beginner and advanced techniques to become a channel for Divine Consciousness and finally start living the life your Soul came here to live

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Master the unique light of your Soul to help others on their healing/spiritual journey and ultimately uplift life on Earth

What Vishnu's Students Say:

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Apply Now To
Work Closely With Vishnu In The
New Earth Academy

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