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🔥 Soul Mentoring With Vishnu 🔥

Awaken Your Own Healing Abilities,
Become A Channel For Your Higher Self
And Embody Cosmic Consciousness

Meet Vishnu Narayana

Founder of the Heart Light Healing Method and the New Earth Academy

Vishnu has channeled a practical path for the modern spiritual seeker to achieve self-realization and anchor Cosmic Consciousness on Earth.

Vishnu teaches his students how to heal the core of their suffering, connect with their Higher Self and return to the pure Cosmic awareness they truly are.


Course Thumbnails (27).jpg

Welcome To
Vishnu Narayana's


You are here because you are ready to heal the core of your suffering, find your Soul's calling and become a channel for Cosmic Consciousness

Step #2

To ensure you receive the right support,
Vishnu has created
2 Sacred Portals...


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Healing Portal

You are stepping into the healed, whole version of you

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This portal carries you through the challenges and suffering you face and into emotional and energetic freedom. You will work closely with Vishnu to awaken your own healing abilities and implement them in a practical way suitable for you and your unique life.

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Awaken your healing abilities & become your own healer

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Activate the Cosmic Heart and live a heart-centered life

Course Thumbnails (3).png

Find life-long Soul friends in a supportive spiritual community

Course Thumbnails (3).png

Balance your energy & emotions with proven techniques

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Personalized healing & support with Vishnu

And if you're ready to embody the wisdom, courage and bliss of your Higher Self...

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Self-Realization Portal

You are stepping into the enlightened you

This is a portal for the advanced spiritual seeker committed to becoming the pure Divine awareness of their Higher Self. You will work closely with Vishnu to embody the Divine qualities of the Saints and Master who have truly mastered life on Earth.

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Embody the qualities of the great spiritual Masters

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Live everyday in alignment with your Higher Self

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Reprogram your mind & energy field to call your Soul fully into this life

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Use every challenge as a doorway to higher consciousness

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Access Cosmic Consciousness at will

PLEASE NOTE: This is a high energy Portal and is recommended for advanced spiritual seekers that yearn for more than healing

When you are healed, whole and confident in who you are and have constant access to the wisdom of your Higher Self,

NEW EARTH (9).png

Will you step into a new career that ignites your Soul's passions?

NEW EARTH (9).png

Will you embody your true self so much that life delivers the people who match your energy?

NEW EARTH (9).png

Will you help others navigate their own spiritual awakening?

NEW EARTH (9).png

Will you love your family and friends in a capacity that truly changes their lives?

Vishnu chose to create the New Earth Academy, but what will you do?

It's time to start thinking about this...

One day very soon you will be living in harmony with all of who you are

And you will be consciously deciding how to best share your light in the world

What Vishnu's Students Say:

It's time to start your Soul Mentoring

Course Thumbnails (27).jpg

Your Next Step:
Book Your FREE Healing Roadmap Session With Vishnu

This is a 30 minute session working 1-1 with Vishnu to create your personal healing plan and see if Soul Mentoring is right for you

If you are accepted into Vishnu's Soul Mentoring Program you will be offered your space during the session

Soul Mentoring


Book Your Healing Roadmap Session
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