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Our Mission

Heal the Inner World, Heal The Outer World

The New Earth is a place for healing, a place for activating the light of the Soul, a place for expanding into the fullness of who we are, and a place to rise into higher realms of consciousness.

Our Mission is to unite the Lightworkers, Starseeds and Visionaries to heal humanity and the planet, seed a new way of being and hold the vision of the age of light for humanity to grow into.

As a community we are building a grid of light that surrounds the Earth.

We want to make this practical, so while you do the inner work, we are planting trees to make the Earth green again.

We want to make this accessible to everyone, so our community is run solely through the New Earth App.

Let's come together to heal, grow and evolve as a Global community. 

Add your light to the global network of Souls uplifting the consciousness on Earth.


It's time to call in the New Earth.

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For every Earth Tribe member we plant one tree per month.

That means you are planting 12 trees per year just by meditating and doing the inner work...

As you heal and grow, so does the Earth.

"Changing the world starts with each individual changing themselves"

Sri Sakthi Amma Narayani

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