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The Meditation App Healing The Planet

...And How You Can Too
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"The New Earth App Welcome Video"
It is now easier than ever to raise your consciousness, heal yourself and the planet.

The New Earth App has bridged the gap between personal healing and real-world impact by planting trees while users meditate.

This is not a meditation app, although it features a meditation library, courses and programs, this is a spiritual teacher and community inside an App.
"The New Earth App"
The New Earth App has developed a new social platform for spiritual seekers inside the App.

"Mainstream meditation Apps are great! But they are lacking the essential parts to any spiritual journey..." Vishnu Narayana, Founder of The New Earth App shares.

Vishnu offers the community members one-on-one support with 24/7 direct messaging and one-on-one healing sessions "because we all need help on this wild journey of awakening".
Vishnu Narayana
(Founder, The New Earth App)
Users share their experience in the social media function inside the App and meet LIVE for healing meditations and workshops to create true community connections.

To help you get started Vishnu is giving readers more than $4,000 worth of gifts when they start a free trial.

To find out about the special gifts and join the community click the button below.

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